Elisabet Ericson


I'm a Swedish illustrator & animator living in Stockholm.

I post mostly quick sketches and drawings here, but also finished illustrations. Also a bit of ceramics every now and then.



Instagram @elisabetericson

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Does any of you live in Paris? 
I’ll be here studying this fall and would like to meet up with nice people and talk/draw/bicycle/whatever. Write me at: elisabet.ericson at gmail.com :D

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Markers. The love of my life

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Oui oui

Ok sorry to SPAM this drawing, but I thought it could be nice to show the process from rough sketch to the final drawing since I took so many screenshots anyway. (the gradient disappeared when silk screened :( ) 

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My jungle silk screen print on millimetre-paper

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Doodle I made while thinking about (or procastinating) the previous illustration I posted

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Illustration for Dagens Nyheter about learning curves 

Trying to find myself… self portraits